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Training seminars on cellular technologies took place in Okinawa

Kintaro Cells Power together with the International Society of Stem Cells Development held two educational seminars for patients at the renowned Naha Art Museum in Okinawa, Japan.

The patients, their family members, and specialists were delighted to learn about the many benefits of Kintaro Cells, and are eager to use this unique for disease prevention, anti-aging, and as treatment for other specific diseases.

Weekly seminar on the possibilities of stem cells was held in capital of Vietnam

On June 17th, our weekly seminar on the possibilities of using stem cells was held in Hanoi. Participants learned about the mechanism of exposure and unique features of Kintaro Cells, as well as potential results of anti-aging and curing for various diseases.

Received the Japanese patent on a unique way of cultivation of Kintaro Cells

Kintaro Cells Power received the first Japanese Patent Certificate for our unique method of cultivating the Kintaro Cells.

This Certificate for patent "Method of Bone marrow Stem Cells manufacture" has a power for International patenting in most Asian and American countries.

In Indonesia will be established a joint company «Kintaro Cells Power Indonesia»

In June 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Kintaro Cells Power Co., Dr. Taufik Jamaan, and Mr. Vicky Brahman in Jakarta for the purpose to start a joint venture to establish "Kintaro Cells Power Indonesia".

The delegation of experts from Thailand has visited with a working visit the Main office of the company and partner clinics in Japan

At the end of May the working visit of staff of the company from Thailand and the Thai partners to Japan has taken place.

Representatives of Kintaro Cells Power Thailand and their partners from the Medical center Mali have participated in a working meeting with the management of the company at the Main office in Tokyo then have visited university hospital Showa in Tokyo and have communicated to her employees. 

The "Kintaro Cells" trademark has been officially registered and recognized in South Korea

The "Kintaro Cells" trademark has been officially registered and recognized in South Korea. By connecting doctors, clinics, research centres, universities, and governments - Kintaro Cells Power continues to expand it's brand BM-MSC product "Kintaro Cells" across South-East Asia, China, the Middle-East and Europe.

President of Kintaro Cells Power presented the company's achievements at the 13th Japan Conference of the Society of Natural Medicine

May 14th in prestige Tokyo Nikkei Hall in Central part of Tokyo the “13th Japan Natural Medical Society Conference” was held. Kintaro Cells presented at this major event was particularly striking to the audience with numerous real life examples proving the effectiveness and uniqueness of our product contributing to this global mission.

Kintaro Cells has been presented at the largest medico-pharmaceutical exhibition in Vietnam

Kintaro Cells representative in Vietnam has participated in the annual largest medico-pharmaceutical exhibition Medi Pharm Expo Vietnam, which takes place in Hanoi from 10 to 13 May 2017.